The Right Moment Photographer and Videographer.


Eddie Valle 


A man the moment his future wife begins her walk down the path. The look of adoration a mother gives her newborn. A high school graduate proud of their achievements and excited for challenges yet to come.  We’ve all seen these snapshots pass before us in the blink of an eye. It’s my honor and privilege to make these moments stand still in time.  


Before going professional, I spent time with close friends and family, capturing the important moments of their lives. Whether it was giving my five year old niece have a Beauty and the Beast-themed photo shoot or welcoming my best friends’ new son into the world, I was warmed by the beauty of my subjects and of life itself. I quickly discovered my passion for photography, as well as the position passion plays in photography.


Establishing a trusting relationship with my clients is my number one priority.  Putting them at ease opens a window into their lives, resulting in the most honest pictures.  The world becomes a stage, and the feelings and essence of a moment can be captured even in a two dimensional surface.